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Demo Reel (Above) Skip through a series of videos that we have produced.


Plan, Message and Medium   

We identify the opportunity, establish clear objectives, and plan a finite strategy. We set the budget. Then we produce video, internet, print, social media, live communications, and one to one conversations.



Clulow & Associates is a communications and advertising agency. We develop and execute communications in video, internet, print, large format media (billboards and in-store display), and one-on-one conversations.  Our clients come from the health, medical, political, government (federal, provincial, and municipal), lobbyist, corporate and small business sectors. Our talents have been employed in education, communications, public advertising, political campaigns, documentary, You Tube, television advertising, and theatre pre-show marketing. We serve clients in York Region, Toronto, Mississauga, Peel Region and Durham Region, Simcoe County and Ottawa. Projects often take us to places further abroad.




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